Monday, February 28, 2011


 Tom Sawyers Island
Did you know Tom Sawyer Island has a Missouri zip code. The day the park opened, the governor of California annexed the property to the state of Missouri, where the Mark Twain character lived. (This is not my picture, unfortunately I can't remember where I found it.)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeling Old

 Indiana Jones
The Indiana Jones ride was built over the old parking lot over the Eeyore section. Does anyone remember the old parking lot besides me? It was divided into characters so you could remember where in the H E double hockey sticks you parked. It is now Downtown Disney and California Adventure, wow how times change. (OK, back to my fun fact, I will stop talking about how old I am!) Well, Disneyland loves hiding things of the past on there new rides.
They added the sign from the parking lot! It is in the line of Indiana Jones. When you come to the room wear the line zig-zags and you watch the short film look back towards the projector. It is hard to see cause its dark but it's there!

Never Complete

 Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Walt Disney left one spire on the castle purposely unfinished (no plating was added) because Walt always said "Disneyland will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world."


In the early days of the ride the skeletons were real! Gross! Now they are all props well all but one that is. It is rumored that the skull above the captain's bed in the treasure scene is a human skull! Creepy!

The Boss

The Disneyland Fire House/Walt Disney's Apartment
Walt Disney built this apartment for when he worked or was visiting  the park. While he was alive the lamp in the window was lit to inform cast members that the boss was around!  Since his death in 1966, the lamp has been left lit 24/7. I have heard that the only time it has been turned off is when his daughters are in the park as an act of respect for their loss.
There are some awesome inside pictures of Mr.Disney's apartment on this website below, go check it out.


 Main Street
There are vents located down Main Street that blow different scents. One of the most noticeable smells
is outside of the candy shop, they pump the smell of vanilla into the street, except at Christmas, when it is peppermint. Another vent is located by the ice cream parlor.


 City Hall
If you are visiting Disneyland for someones birthday go to City Hall on Main Street first. They will give you a Birthday Button for free! If you wear it through the park cast members will wish you a happy birthday. There is also an old fashion phone on the counter in City Hall. This is Goofy's private line and he will wish you a happy birthday too!
birthday buttons at disneyland Pictures, Images and Photos
City Hall also passes out other types of buttons:
1st Time Guest
Honorary Citizen
Just Engaged
Just Married
Family Reunion
I'm Celebrating (We has one of these)

A Little Basket Ball anyone?

 The Matterhorn
Did you know there is half of a basketball court in the Matterhorn?
I found this picture of it from Global Disney Pinvestigation. Also when you visit the park keep a look out for Mickey Mouse climbing up the side of the Matterhorn, he is a great mountain climber.

A Touching Story

I found this story on Mouse House Forum
 Walt Disney

"This one I found beautiful...I was talking to a Cast Member that gives tours. He was telling me little things here and there when he lit up and teared a bit. (I will never do this story the justice it requires so bear with me...)The morning the Walt died he was supposed to lead the Disneyland parade. Employees, not sure what to do about this called Mrs. Disney. Even though she was filled with grief, she said Walt would want things to go on, and decided to open the park as normal. So the park opened and things went normally. Some people knew of the death but others had no idea and lined up to see Walt lead the parade as normal. Mind you, weather at DL had always been tracked and recorded - not once had there ever been snow. Anyway, the parade started without a hitch. Employees went on and tried their best to keep tears from falling as the parade went on. Just about the middle of the parade, a strange thing happened... From the cold air and cloudy skies, beautiful white dust fell softly. It snowed. This had to be a sign that Walt was there and watching. Ever since then it has not snowed. But, as the CM I was talking to cried while telling the story, he said it was then made a point that snow would fall during the Christmas season to always remember Walt's last touch on DL."

This was the first I had heard of this but I did a little investigation. I went to the Farmers Almanac on line and searched the weather report for the day of Walt Disney's death. (12-15-1966) Sure enough it said "Rain and/or melted snow reported during the day." I lived in the Anaheim California area for 32 years and it never snowed or even came close. That is so rare for the area. When I found this info I was amazed! What a beautiful story!

Where does Mickey live?

Disneyland Address
The address of the Disneyland is 1313 N. Harbor Blvd.  M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, so Mickey Mouse (MM) house is at 1313! How clever is that!

Helping Hand

 First Aid Center
The first aid center at Disneyland is great! I know first hand. The last time we visited  the parks our son had a fever. I asked one of the cast members where I could buy children's Tylenol. He directed me to the first aid center where a nurse took his temp and gave me meds for free and my son got a sticker!
Another great place I've used in the past is the Baby Care Center. It is so cute inside! They have changing tables, little potties, high chairs and private rooms for breast feeding! Loved this place when our son was little! They also sell diapers, formula and other baby products.
Disney really thought of everything!

Bear Country

I'm dating myself a little on this fact! One of my all time favorite things when I was growing up was the Bear Country Jamboree. Does anyone else remember this show besides me? It is gone now and was replaced with Winnie The Pooh's Adventure in Critter Country.
 Bear Country Jamboree
Remember these guys while you were waiting for the show to start? They would talk! Well they are still there on the Winnie the Pooh ride that is. Yep, they really are, I've seen em!
As you are exiting the Honey room on Winnie the Pooh you have to look up and over your shoulder! See if you can find them the next time you are there.


 The Market House
"on Main Street (on the right side as you are walking in) is the only place where you can get refills on coffee in the park. The cost is $2.79 per cup AND we found out that this is the only coffee shop in the park that makes a special “Disney Brew” that is top secret and supposed to be really good! We got this info from a Cast Member on November 3rd, so it is recent information. Make sure to keep your receipt."
 I got this info from 
Another fun fact is that if you pop your balloon in the park and take the pieces up to a vendor they will give you a new one! There is nothing worse than popping or watching your balloon float away when you are a kid.

Mouse Wait is a Free app for your iphones, it gives you wait times for the rides and other info about the park when you visit.

New Orleans Square

 New Orleans Station
Ever notice the telegraph clicking at the New Orleans’ train station? It’s ticking out the speech Disney gave out on the park’s opening day.


Haunted Mansion

We are going to Disneyland in a few weeks and as always we are very excited!  So I've decided to post a fun fact about Disneyland once or twice a week until we go. Hopefully it will make the time go by a little faster for usChIt son is already asking us "how many sleeps till Disneyland?"
If anyone wants to meet us there and spend the day with us let me know.
 Haunted Mansion

 The Bride's Ring was thrown from the attic and trampled into the ground by the invisible horse. It's by the mansion exit.
I haven't seen it at Disneyland so this might only be at the Magic Kingdom in Florida.
If you want to read more about the Haunted Mansion this is a great site!