Thursday, June 30, 2011

Under The Sea

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Yay today is blog hop day and  the topic this week is Under The Sea. I'm guessing that this was picked because of the opening of the new ride at California Adventure. Ariel's Under Sea Adventure. I personally can't wait to go check it out! I still remember the first time I saw The Little Mermaid. It was New Years Day 1990!
I found my fun fact on the Internet and it's a secret about the movie.  Did you know that in the first five minutes of the movie, there is a hidden Goofy, Mickey & Donald. Talk about clever! It's right when Triton flies down over the audience! They are really hard to see so you are going to have to pause or slow down your movie. I found this information from They also provided this picture. The characters are in the fourth picture over.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thurl Ravenscroft

The most famous voice at Disneyland!
Thurl Ravenscroft

Throughout Disneyland Park you can here his voice on many rides:
The Pirates of the Caribbean
Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain
The Train
The Mark Twain Riverboat
Enchanted Tiki Room (Fritz)
Small World

He was also used for many of Disney movies:
The Headless Horseman
Mary Poppins
Lady and the Tramp
Alice in Wonderland
Jungle Book
Pete's Dragon
...and the list goes on and on!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magic Moments

Good Afternoon! Today is blog hop day and the topic for this week is Magic Moments. What's not a Magic Moment at Disneyland? OK, there was that one time a bird pooped on me that wasn't so magical!
Our family has had so many magical moments at Disneyland. Little things like my son being an honorary rider on Jumping Jellyfish at California Adventure where they announced his name over the speaker and everyone clapped for him!

To much larger Magical Moments like when we were able to drive the Mark Twain Riverboat! The great thing about the Mark Twain is that your family can experience this as well.
You can read more about how your family can have this moment as well by clicking here or here.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Did you know that Disneyland has more security than the city of Anaheim has Police Officers. Also another fun fact about security at Disneyland is long time security officer Robb Fischle. He was actually one of the children photographed in the famous opening day picture. Check out this fun video from the Orange County Register.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tickets Anyone

Back in the early days of the park each ride had it's own ticket booths. They aren't used today but were left in the park. If you look you can still find them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frontier Land

Just a couple fun Hidden Mickey's from Frontier Land! The first is at the Golden Horse Shoe and the second picture are rocks from the River's Of America. Love it.
photos from

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Roller Coaster

It's Blog Hop Day!
This weeks topic is Disney Firsts. I've decided to share my sons firsts on the roller coasters in the park. We were so excited when our son was tall enough to go on Big Thunder Mountain. We even had to take this picture of him reaching the height requirement. He was only three, he loved it!
Big Thunder Mountain was designed by Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter and was built on the site which use to be Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland.  You can still see some of the remains of the mining ride. To the left of Big Thunder Mountain the pond with the fish jumping and then the mining tunnel are still there.
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