Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tower of Terror

Hi Everyone, I wanted to introduce you to my friend Lyndsey. She is a Disney fan like the rest of us and is actually the reason why I started my blog.  Lyndsey had been planning a Disneyland vacation for months and kept asking me what secret tips I could give her family for their trip. It just kinda grew from there and I began my blog.
Well since Lyndsey started this whole thing I only thought it be fair that she help me out with a little post of her own. So here it is!
OK! Here we go! One awesome secret we discovered at Disneyland's California adventure was in the Tower of Terror. After you watch the movie clip of the family that haunts the tower you stand in line in the furnace room with all the piping and the metal stairs and rails. If you listen carefully you can occasionally hear the little girl from the family laughing and talking in the pipes!
photo by Joe Penniston

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Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I wonder if she can be heard in the Florida ToT as well. I know I'll be listening for her on my next trip! Thanks!!