Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeling Old

 Indiana Jones
The Indiana Jones ride was built over the old parking lot over the Eeyore section. Does anyone remember the old parking lot besides me? It was divided into characters so you could remember where in the H E double hockey sticks you parked. It is now Downtown Disney and California Adventure, wow how times change. (OK, back to my fun fact, I will stop talking about how old I am!) Well, Disneyland loves hiding things of the past on there new rides.
They added the sign from the parking lot! It is in the line of Indiana Jones. When you come to the room wear the line zig-zags and you watch the short film look back towards the projector. It is hard to see cause its dark but it's there!

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Carol Munroe said...

Lori, I can well remember the old parking lot at Disneyland with the characters as markers. So many good memories at Disney before it got too crowded to enjoy. I remember my first night to finally get to ride Indiana Jones. It broke down while we were in line and they weren't sure it was going to be fixed that night. I was going to heading back to NH so was bummed out that I might not get to ride. they gave us passes to come back in case it was fixed. It opened shortly before the park was closing so they let us on-we loved it so much we kept sneaking back on until security escorted us out of the park. Ryan's Aunt Kathy and i are big Disney kids at heart!