Monday, March 7, 2011

Disney Castles Around the World

I had a friend of mine ask me a question the other day about the Castles at all of the Disneyland Parks around the world. Her question was "...I've heard that there is a different princess castle at each Disneyland/Disney World around the world...could you tell me who's castle is where?" I love answering questions about Disneyland so if you have a question like my friend just leave me a comment and I will post about it! So to answer her question Disney only uses two Princesses Castles, they all look a little different but Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are the only two castles in the parks.
Disneyland – Sleeping Beauty Castle
Magic Kingdom – Cinderella Castle
Tokyo Japan – Cinderella Castle
Disneyland Paris – Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (literally “the Castle of Sleeping Beauty”)
Hong Kong Disneyland – Sleeping Beauty Castle

I found these pictures on Disney Frontier this website has a ton of fun information if you want to go check it out.


Anonymous said...

Is there a Cinderella castle lunch at the Tokyo Disney like at Disney World?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about the Anaheim Castle? I believe is Snow White's Castle, but I think you know better. Always believe that in Orlando is Cinderella Castle, (now with a tiny Belle Castle in the back) in Paris is Aurora Castle and in Anaheim is Snow White...

Anonymous said...

I am positive about the Anaheim Castle. I have been through it many times. The others Im not positive but I looked it up on other Disney websites.

Travel and Trots said...
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