Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey there blog hoppers, it's Thursday Yay!!!

Today's Blog hop theme is Celebrations.
Thanks Babes in Disneyland for hosting every week! 

On our most recent visit to Disneyland we celebrated my sons 5th birthday (I can't believe he is 5 already) We headed straight to Town Hall to get his birthday button. He wasn't to happy with me either! He wanted to go on the rides, in fact I was lucky to get this picture.
We spent the next few hours in the park having a magical time and around three we headed back to our room for a quick rest and to meet up with family. We left his birthday button on the night stand next to the bed and headed back to Disneyland to have some more fun. To our surprise when we came back for a good nights rest there was something special waiting for him. 
These are the details that make our trips to Disneyland so magical.


Beth Green said...

Happy late Birthday! Sounds like fun! I love what mousekeeping did with his button!

Carrie said...

Your son's grumpy expression is adorable!!!

Robyn said...

I'm new reader to your blog... My family and I are going to Disneyland for our FIRST family trip.. My daughter's Bday will happen while we are at Disney. Do you know if they do this little surprise because you went to Town Hall? Thanks!