Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tender Ride

Choo- Choo! On your next visit to Disneyland head to Main Street Station and ask one of the Conductors if you can ride "Tender". This is the seat right behind the drivers on the steam engine.  I've seen a number of people riding tender but I haven't been able to myself. Maybe when my son is a little older, right now every time I ask he says no! He's kinda a shy little guy!
A few tips:

*Only Engine 1 and 2 allow riders. (E.P. Ripley or C.K. Holliday)
*You have to board at Main Street Station and it's a full circle trip.
*It's only offered once every hour because the Trains have to fill up with water and fuel.
*There are only two riders allowed at a time due to space.

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