Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Disney Decor/The Disney Gallery

 Hey,Hey, it's Blog Hop Day! The Topic this week is Disney Decor/decorating. 
 The Disney Gallery 
I have to admit that I miss The Disney Gallery that was once above Pirates of the Caribbean. I would visit every time I went to the park. The gallery was located in New Orleans square from 1987-2007 an showcased artists creations of everything Disney. Walt Disney originally started planning this space as a VIP suite in the 1960s. The "Royal Suite" was abandoned after Walt Disney's death in 1966. Ron Disney felt that the "family could not fully enjoy it with Walt gone."  As of August 2007 The Disney Gallery was closed and designers created a two bedroom, two bathroom suite better known as the "Dream Suite". The design used for the Dream Suite are the original plans from the 1960s.

I was lucky enough to purchase this print from The Disney Gallery before it closed. We love it! It is hanging in our son's room.
 He is our little pirate in training.

Some other Disney Decor we have hanging in our home are these traffic signs. They are hanging in our son's toy room which couldn't be more appropriate. You always have to enter that room using CAUTION!!!
Last but not least, we also have this painting. I'm embarrassed to admit it but I can't remember when we got it or who the artist is. It's not even hanging on the wall it's tucked away in a closet some where. If anyone knows more about it I would love some info.
update: I pulled the picture out of the closet and hung it up on my wall :)
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Anonymous said...

Your little pirate is adorable.

Here's info I found on a Tom duBois Peter Pan lithograph that looks like the one you are asking about. You may have a treasure there!

Bird said...

LOVE the signs for the toy room! How cute!

Manda said...

Hi there! I'm here from the hop!
Wow! I love your pieces! The peter pan one is beautiful! :)