Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Tale of the Haunted Mansion Spider

A cast member at Disneyland recently shared a story with me about the spider located on the glass in the ballroom scene of The Haunted Mansion.  The story is that a guest with a sling shot cracked the glass and because the special effects glass was so expensive and difficult to replace the spider was placed there to cover the crack.  I have looked for this spider three times now and still can't find it to take a picture. My sister saw it however and I now know where it is so next time I will see if for sure. If you have a chance to ride on the Haunted Mansion look for the spider on the second to last pane of glass before you head to the attic. Also there are two sheets of glass the spider is located on the second sheet.  Good Luck, let me know if you find it.
The amazing folks over at Finding found the spider! This picture is from there site. If you haven't stopped by to see all their fun Disney facts you need to, they have so many great pictures.

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thanks so much for the lovely comments and linking us! it took FOREVER to get a usable pic of that darn spider with the cracked glass behind it. we will be linking your blog on our links page! great blog you have here - LOVE it! rosemary & neil aka ;D