Friday, March 11, 2011

The Mark Twain

Did you know that you can ask to drive the Mark Twain River Boat? Well you can, you can even sign in the log book and ring the bell! It is awesome! When the boat arrives at the dock you need to find one of the Steam Boat cast members and ask if you are able to drive the boat. They can only take a certain number of people so you want to ask before someone else does. If you are lucky and they say yes you will climb up to the top deck where they will let you onto the Captains deck (which is amazing) on the very top of the boat. I circled it below in this picture.
This is the ships log
and the steering wheel.
We were very lucky on our last trip to Disneyland and got to
 drive the boat for the first time!  Here is my son signing the log book, he is trying to draw the Yeti from the Matterhorn.
and of course here we are driving the Mark Twain around Tom Sawyers Island.
It really is a special moment you can share with your family and friends at Disneyland. One of those things that make Disneyland Magical!!!

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