Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Splash Mountain

Are any of you out there old enough to remember the snoring bear Rufus from Bear Country? As you entered Bear Country you could look above and see a rocky cave. If you listened closely you could hear Rufus snoring away. Below is a picture of the rocks and entrance to Bear Country I found on Yesterland.com.
On July 18, 1989 that mountain reopened as Splash Mountain! As I have mentioned in previous posts Disneyland is wonderful about keeping the past preserved in the new attractions. When Splash Mountain first opened you could still hear Rufus snoring as you floated by his cave with a labeled mail box. It is located right before the first drop. Unfortunately they didn't feel that Rufus fit in with the theme of Splash Mountain so the mail box now reads Brer Bear but the snoring remains.

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